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Lutetium element

Lutetium, atomic no. 71, symbol Lu, weight at 174.97, is the last member of the rare earth series. Unlike most rare earths it lacks a magnetic moment. It also has the smallest metallic radius of any rare earth. It is perhaps the least naturally abundant of the lanthanides.

It is the ideal host for x-ray phosphors because it produces the densest known white material, lutetium tantalate (LuTaO4).

It is utilized as a dopant in matching lattice parameters of certain substrate garnet crystals, such as indium-gallium-garnet (IGG) crystals due its lack of a magnetic moment.

Available products
ProductMain applications
Lutetium Metal Alloys
Lutetium Oxide Additive
Lutetium Metal Price Quote
  min % ppm
4N8 99.9 99.998 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.1 1.5 0.2
PackingIn iron drum with inner PVC bag of 100kg net each, as well as according to customers' requirements.
Lutetium Oxide Price Quote
Code TREO Lu2O3/TREO Ho2O3/TREO Fe2O3 CuO CaO SiO2
  min % max %
4N 99 99.99 0.0003 0.008 0.0002 0.011 0.0023
DescriptionLutetium Oxide is white powder. As an activator in phosphor or an additive of Y-Fe or Y-Al garnet.
PackingIn plastic woven bag with inner double PVC bags of 500kg net each, as well as according to customers' requirements.
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